BASEKamp. The Brand that No One is Talking About.

BASEKamp. The Brand that No One is Talking About.

For most people, life is consumed with the small, pocket-sized device that connects us to the world in ways that aren’t real. We spend hours scrolling through our phones–exploring the different places and people across the world, but it seems like no one actually finds true pleasure with this. Life is

supposed to be about true experiences and thrilling adventures with friends. So who’s going to tell those people they are doing it wrong. BASEKamp.

BASEKamp is an outdoor/adventure brand that thrives on the idea of “selling adventure” to their community, through their creative apparel lines. Their compelling designs and inspiring stories seem to ignite a drive within their followers to get out and go explore. Being run by two 18 year-old kids, from a town in Minnesota, they have always wanted more than “just another brand.” They wanted something that would, “inspire people to get the most out of their lives,” as one of their founders, Brooks Witta, described it.

Before BASEKamp was the fast-growing, ecommerce brand it is today, it was an idea, in a small bedroom of Brooks’s house. Him and his partner, Carsen Kost, found a passion for inciting people to adventure beyond the comfort zones of their lives. They just had one question to ask themselves, how to spread this idea to people across the world in a meaningful way? A Clothing Brand.

Combining Brooks’s love for design and marketing, and Carsen’s passion for business, they formed a strong and effective structure that spelled success. Since the beginning, their early innovation in the ‘outdoor brand’ ecommerce market helped pave their road to success. They have always put a focus on selling the idea of adventure and a higher quality of life to their consumers, instead of being the typical money-hungry pair of teenagers.

February was their month. They took the brand to the fast-growing social media app, TikTok, where they saw exponential growth. Finally with tens of thousands of people taking interest in their brand, their dreams of spreading adventure was becoming a reality. In the following months, they were able to growth their team. They took on three others, a marketing specialists, creative designer, and communications director.

With their hard-working, five person team, BASEKamp has the opportunity to make big waves in 2021. They have countless design ideas, social media campaigns, and high quality content to share with their community. BASEKamp is just breaking the ice on their community based brand. They have lots of potential and will continue to chase their overall goal of sharing the idea of adventure with the most amount of people they can. Live by their brand’s motto and, find what awaits.


Ryan Berkis

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