Welcome to BaseKamp

Our story


BASEKamp is a creative outdoor/streetwear brand located in Excelsior, MN. The company is currently run by us, two dedicated high school juniors, Carsen Kost and Brooks Witta. Our mission is to create something bigger than ourselves. By combining Brooks’ love for design and Carsen’s love for business, we created BASEKamp.

The name BASEKamp was inspired by where we are in life, just two juniors in high school with lofty aspirations for the future. A BASEKamp resembles the start of a long journey or hike up a mountain. Similarly, we will soon embark on a journey to the rest of our lives after high school. BASEKamps' purpose is to further our passion for design and business while inspiring others to go the extra mile and understand the benefit in hard work and dedication. Together, we will #findwhatawaits. - The BASEKamp Team